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Don't "Present a Presentation" – Communicate Confidently!

Workshop Title: Presenting with Impact for Executives

Workshop style: One-to-One

Relevant to: Executives

Duration: 4 consecutive Hours

Objective: Confidently deliver presentations or ideas to all sizes of audience effectively and "connect" with the audience.

Great presenters are not born they simply attended the Inspiring Potential "Presenting with Impact for Executives" workshop

This workshop combines learning new presentation skills and professional coaching for presentation anxiety- enhance your presentations and reduce or eliminate the natural human discomfort or fear of public speaking. The workshop can be taken as a standalone course, or to complement an ongoing executive coaching programme.

One-to-one professional coaching will help you confidently connect with your audience, articulate your ideas and teach you techniques for getting "audience buy in", whether you are presenting to 1 person or 1000!

During the 4 hour session we will also address presentation style, non verbal communication, confidence in one-to-one presentations and group presentations, how to start a presentation and how to end with impact.

The workshop is completely tailored to you as an individual and your individual requirements. Your professional coach will address any fear or natural discomfort that you may have in presenting through proven coaching and NLP techniques, helping you develop your natural style of presenting and feel comfortable in front of an audience.

As part of the session multiple short "exercise" presentations will be filmed, reviewed and privately discussed between the professional coach and executive.

Topics that will be summarised and can be covered in more detail if required:

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