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We have used Inspiring Potential to deliver sessions to our staff as part of our overall leadership programme.

Katie Raznick, Head of HR, Investors In People

LEADERHIP - Executive Coaching


Executive Coaching is a powerful way to enhance the leadership performance of key executives in your organisation, leading to improved productivity and increased profits for the company as a whole.


Being in a leadership position in an organisation can often be challenging. The complexities of today's business climate are demanding that organisations have a new type of leadership. According to Daniel Goleman (author of Emotional Intelligence and The New Leaders) "Great leaders move us. They ignite our passion and inspire the best in us. Great leadership works through the emotions". This requires leaders to become emotionally intelligent. They must be aware of their own emotions and those of the people they are leading.

Many senior executives and politicians use the power of coaching to help them become better leaders. A good executive coach will ask you the types of questions that your colleagues are not able or not willing to ask you.

An Executive Coach can:


Executive leadership coaching is discreet and confidential and can be worked around the schedule of busy people. Taking the opportunity to 'step back' and look at your role from a fresh perspective could be one of the most effective things you could do as a leader.

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