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NLP Training Course London - Evening Course

Who is it for?

Our NLP evening course which takes place in Central London is ideal for anybody who would like to:

The NLP evening course is a shorter version of the full NLP practitioner course which focuses on the techniques most applicable to effective communication in the business environment.

Learning objectives

Course Content

This course will cover  NLP principles and techniques focused on business performance  which include the following:

Location: Central London

Format:  3 hour evening sessions for 12 weeks.

Cost : £847.50

Your Course Trainer

This course will be run by Marielena Sabatier. Marielena is an experienced NLP trainer and Executive Coach. She uses NLP techniques to accelerate the progress of her coaching clients. In addition to being highly knowledgeable about the application of NLP techniques, her training style is fun, engaging and energetic.

Here is what previous course participants have said about Marielena:

"For me, NLP has brought my soul alive!! Since my Practitioner, I have made incredible leaps forward in both my business and personal life. NLP allows you to free your spirit and aim for levels of achievement that prior to the course, would have been unobtainable. Marielena's style is both business-like and playful, it makes a great combination!!" Ms KB

"It was wonderful to have the time and the support to explore what makes me who I am. Each exercise led purposefully into the next until by the end we each had a very clear idea about where we wanted to go and who we wanted to be. It was an extremely safe environment and a fantastic way to spend a weekend! Marielena is a wonderful trainer." Ms JK

"Having already gained an understanding and practical use of NLP four years earlier, I attended a higher level training workshops with Marielena earlier this year. Marielena offered me a much deeper understanding of the more complex techniques of NLP. Her refreshing and relaxed approach to introducing, demonstrating and then supporting the delegates in their attempts to try out the techniques, allowed me to feel confident and gain learning and the ability to practically apply the tools across wide range of business and therapeutic interventions" Ms SS

What is NLP?

Some people call it the manual of the brain. NLP helps people to understand their mind, how it works, and how it affects their behaviour. It is a way of thinking based on curiosity, exploration, flexibility and fun. It has great benefits in business and personal development. NLP provides us with the tools and techniques to model human excellence in the areas of communicating, influencing, goal setting, managing change and understanding the use of effective language. NLP helps you get the results you want.

Courses are held in London UK. For information on the next NLP Evening Course or NLP Practitoner Course dates and prices, please contact us.

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