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Senior Executive Coaching

Our Senior Executive Coaching package is aimed at the individuals in your organisation who provide direction and leadership to the rest of your team. These include:

Executive Coaching helps them become better leaders, by developing self awareness and using this knowledge to inspire and motivate their teams. The coaching process will enable coachees to utilise their key strengths more and overcome weaknesses to achieve greater success.

Our Senior Executive Coaching is aimed at addressing a lot of the issues faced by senior staff in organisations. These include:

What does this package consist of?

For Executives at this level we recommend a programme of 12 hours of coaching and 360 feedback. This can be delivered either as:

  1. 1 X 4 hour session per month for 3 months
  2. 1 X 2 hour sessions per month for 6 months
  3. A combination of a) and b) over a 6 month period

One of the key benefits of our coaching is that it is intended to fit in flexibly around the schedules of busy people. The above suggestions are therefore not set in stone but we have found that they are suitable for many people that we deal with.

The feedback is compiled through a questionnaire and several interviews.


How do we get started?

Step 1

Typically we will set up a meeting with the HR professional or executive who is organising the coaching. We discuss the needs of the person being coached (coachee) and how these fit with the needs of the organisation.

Step 2

We assign a suitable coach to meet with the coachee to explain the how the coaching process works. At this stage it is important for the individual to demonstrate 'buy in' and that there is a good rapport between the coach and coachee.

Step 3

Perform a 360 feedback survey including questionnaires and interviews, and debrief the coachee in the first session, and include any developmental issues highlighted in the feedback as part of the goals for the executive coaching programme.


It is important to point out that the actual 'content' of the sessions is always confidential between the coach and coachee. This is an important 'rule of engagement' to ensure that the coachee can open up as much as possible in the sessions.

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