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Executive Coaching Can help You Deal with Redundancy

At Inspiring Potential, we fully acknowledge that redundancy is a scary time for people who may be experiencing a mixture of fear, guilt, disappointment, bitterness, failure and panic. We also believe, however, that with qualified support, you can have the opportunity to design a more rewarding life for yourself. Coaching provides the perfect support mechanism at this time.

"You could make it the best thing that ever happened to you!"

Ok, so that headline could be a bit of a cliché or even an annoying platitude to those who have just found out that they are being made redundant! However, what if it were true? Only time will tell. The chances of it being the best thing that ever happened to you will ultimately depend on how you handle the situation.

How can Executive Coaching help?

Our coaching programme will provide you with a 'listening ear' that you can open up to as you go through the redundancy process. You will be able to process the negative emotions that you may be feeling and with the help of your coach you will be able to turn adversity into success.

Our coaching helps you to explore the ultimate question: "Who am I and why am I here?" In other words, our coaching is designed to help you understand your Life Purpose. Writing CV's and cover letters is relatively easy but knowing how to uncover your purpose is something that most people do not get to achieve in their lifetime.

Our coaching process will enable you to:

Executive Coaching Packages

At Inspiring Potential we can address the issue of redundancy as part of one of our executive coaching packages.  Please follow the links below for more information.

Coaching for Redundancy and Outplacement

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