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Board Development and Board Meeting Facilitation


Are your board or executive management meetings effective? Do you often feel that there are important issues that don't get discussed for fear of treading on toes or bruising egos? Could these crucial conversations unlock the latent potential that would bring your business forward in a major way?

Board Development is part of the answer – but it can also be helpful to make use of an independent, expert facilitator to address team dynamics and communication issues.

Board Meeting Facilitation can really draw out the potential from your group leading to unexpected and often exciting outcomes.

A facilitator who understands the dynamics of organisational behaviour but who comes with none of the baggage of working in the organisation, can usually guide a group discussion much more objectively and skilfully than someone on the inside.

In what situations would you require facilitation?

Your organisation or team may require a facilitator on the following scenarios:

What are the benefits of facilitation?

Inspiring Potential employs facilitators who are experienced coaches. They are therefore skilled at asking powerful questions and finding out where the blockages are that prevent individuals and groups from moving forward. By having one of our facilitators work with your board or management team, you will benefit from the following:

We can offer individual Leadership and Management Development and team facilitation to organisations in London, UK, Europe and the USA.

If you have any questions about how we could help to facilitate one of your group's workshops or discussions, please contact us on 0845 355 1159 or info@inspiring-potential.co.uk