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Tailored Leadership and Management Development Training Case Study

Inspiring Potential are regularly requested to assist organisations with their management and leadership development training. In an era where talent management is a core survival issue, many companies have realised the importance of investing in the management and leadership development training of their key people.

A typical example is that of an organisation that identified some leadership development training needs for what it referred to as 'high potential' employees. They had 5-6 years experience in the company and showed good promise. However it was agreed that they needed to improve their gravitas and communication skills to be leaders within the organisation or to negotiate successfully with clients externally.

We put together a bespoke leadership and management development training programme which consisted of three 2 day modules. The delegates engaged in a number of exercises and role playing activities which were designed to help them:

In between and after the group modules, the participants received one to one coaching to help them to discuss issues that they may not have wanted to raise in the group context. Here we were able to explore the fears and limiting beliefs that were holding them back from engaging more fully. The combination of training and one to one coaching was very effective in generating greater levels of self confidence within the group. Most of the group were successfully promoted within the following 12 months which was largely as a result of the work that they did in the sessions.

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"We have used Inspiring Potential to deliver sessions to our staff as part of our overall leadership programme. We have found Inspiring Potential to be creative in their approach to staff development and they have run both 1-1 sessions and delivered to larger groups. They have understood our business very quickly and have adapted their styles to meet the needs of our people. We have received positive feedback from our staff."

Katie Raznick, Head of HR, Investors in People