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Executive Coaching Issues - People Management Skills

Do you have complete confidence in your people managers?

The skills of your people managers are crucial to ensuring the success of your business. Good managers bring out the best in their people in a way that makes your workplace vibrant and productive.

Sadly this is not the case in many organisations and the true potential of team members can remain untapped for years. Much of this stems from the appointment of people into people management roles without any training or mentoring. Management appointments are very often made on the basis of an employee's superior subject knowledge or length of service to the organisation. The all important issue of being good at managing and inspiring people gets overlooked!

What happens when you have a poor people manager?

The effects of poor people management are widespread and damaging. Here are some examples of how a poor manager could be compromising your business growth:

Can you afford to allow this to continue in your organisation?

How can Executive Coaching help?

The good news is that such situations can be reversed in a relatively short time-frame. We believe that a series of one-to-one coaching sessions can be very effective. During this type of process we can help the manger to 'own the problem' or developmental need. We then create a sufficient motivation for him or her to change their style and behaviour. Inspiring Potential coaches have had direct management experience and have a full understanding of people-management issues. A typical coaching programme will help you or your people managers to:

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