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Bilingual Executive Coaching – Executive Coaching in Spanish

Inspiring Potential delivers executive coaching services to a national and international client base. We service clients throughout the UK, Europe, the USA and Spanish speaking Latin America, operating in many major North and Central American cities including New York, Miami, Boston, Washington, Chicago, San Juan and Puerto Rico.

Why Coaching in Spanish?

As the demand for executive coaching continues to grow throughout the English speaking nations, more and more companies throughout the UK, Europe and America are beginning to see the results and reap the benefits. Its popularity is now so great that there is an increasing demand for these services in Spanish speaking Central America also.

Executive coaching helps business executives achieve higher levels of sustainable self confidence and fulfilment. It helps them to become less anxious and stressed and more outcome and work focused. Executive coaching helps your executives to become better people managers and as a fortunate bi-product of this training, they also achieve a greater work/life balance and feel happier in their job roles.

For their international employees to benefit in the same way, companies need to find bi-lingual coaches that understand the differences in culture as well as in language. A bi-lingual coach will help to bridge that gap, improving communications between English speaking head offices and their Spanish speaking international subsidiaries. Understanding cultural as well as language differences can help improve performance and reduce stress. Having a coach who is fluent in both Spanish and English and understands those cultural differences is key to driving forward success in a global organisation.

What is Executive Coaching?

From time to time, even the best business executives will benefit from coaching, after all, it’s one thing to be at the top of your game, it’s quite another, to stay there. Executive coaching will help your high fliers to fly even higher. Coming to you in a series of one-to-one conversations held either over the telephone or face to face, our coaching will raise the performance levels of your executives by tapping in to and releasing their inner potential. The coaching sessions will result in increased self awareness for the individual, focussing them on their desired outcomes and encouraging them to take the necessary steps towards achieving their goals

Having had a performance review or been at the centre of a 360° feedback session involving colleagues and peers, your executives will know their strengths and their weaknesses. If they are then open to change and have a desire to improve their performance, one of our highly trained and experienced coaches can work with them to achieve this.

About Inspiring Potential's Bi-Lingual Coach – Marielena Sabatier

Marielena Sabatier is as fluent in English as she is in Spanish. She speaks both languages perfectly. She is also an executive coach of many years standing. Her primary focus, her passion, is for the improvement of leadership skills and interpersonal communication. She draws on over 13 years of experience working with high profile, blue chip organisations like Digital Equipment Corporation, Diageo, and MCI Worldcom, where she was a Commercial Finance Director and this experience  enables her to relate to the communication issues that senior executives encounter today.

Having held both regional and global posts in Europe and the USA she understands the difficulties that cross cultural communication can cause and is well versed in resolving such issues. A successful business professional in her own right, she is passionate about inspiring that potential in others and believes that with the right coaching, an already successful business executive can scale even greater heights, not just achieving their goals but super exceeding them. She has an Msc in Organisational and Social Psychology from the London school of Economics (LSE) and an MBA and she is also a qualified NLP practitioner and Executive Coach. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation, International Association of Coaching, Coachville, ANLP, and the American Board of NLP.

Combining her experience and her training in these specialist fields, she is able to help executives achieve their full potential. In helping them to challenge their doubts, change their beliefs and modify their attitudes, she helps them to create an action plan to achieve and surpass their goals.

How we work

All our executive coaching sessions can be delivered on a face to face basis in London, or over the telephone for international clients. We have found that both options have their advantages. Coaching over the phone is convenient and flexible, it makes better use of the coachees time in that there is no time wasted travelling. It also means that the location of the meeting is unimportant. Face to face coaching increases the level of trust and rapport that bit quicker because coach and coachee are able to interact more completely.

A typical coaching programme extends over a period of six months and comprises of one meeting or telephone conversation per month with email support if needed. The initial meeting will determine the coachee’s developmental objectives and goals and examine their MBTI (Myer Briggs Type Indicator) results. This is followed by 5 further meetings or conversations lasting 2 hours, taking place once a month for the next 5 months. “Homework” is set for the period in between sessions to assist the coachees self awareness and continue their growth and personal development. The last or “closing” session will discuss progress and achieved goals with reference to the initial meeting.

The content of the meetings is fully confidential, it has to be to build and maintain trust. However, in cases where it is felt that the coachee is not progressing as well as expected, either through their cancellation of meetings or through them not doing their “homework”, a follow up conference call may be required between the coach, coachee and employer to discuss the best way forward.

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