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Why Inspiring Potential

Team Building with the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Enhancing effective team work and relationships using Myers Briggs

Often the main problem of a team not performing is cause by poor communication. The symptoms could be conflict, lack of trust, lack of results, back bitting etc.

To get a team performing is important for them to trust each other, and be able to communicate effectively.


Inspiring Potential offers a one day MBTI teambuilding that helps you start the process of effective communication in your team and building trust in order to achieve better results.


When we facilitate a team building session to improve work relationships using Myers Briggs, it is always amazing when people realise that people think differently from them, and that doesn't make them better or worse, it just makes them different. The various exercises used in a typical workshop show how people get energy in different ways, gather information differently and make decisions based on different ways of thinking. When people become aware of these differences, they can start understanding others better, and be more accepting of the differences. When this process takes shape it is easy to see how a team can start enhancing work relationships using Myers Briggs.

It's the basis for start developing trust and building a foundation for high performance.


At Inspiring Potential we endeavour to make the MBTI team building workshops fun and relevant to the organisations context. Invariably though we find that many of the difficulties that exist within groups of people who work together are as a result of them not understanding the genuine differences in personality type. By accommodating such differences and making a conscious effort to communicate differently with one another, great things can happen! If you would like to find out more about enhancing effective work relationships using Myers Briggs, please contact us.