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Executive Coaching Issues - Stress Management

Is stress an issue in your workplace?

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There is no doubt that the incidence of work related stress is on the increase. In fact the Health and Safety Executive in the UK estimates that an average case of stress leave amounts to 31 lost working days or 13 million days in total. This costs UK employers £3.7 billion per year in lost productivity.

Knowing how to handle stress is a vital tool for busy executives. Whilst some level of stress can actually be helpful for people to raise their game at work, the downsides of stress to you or your organisation are too great to ignore. Stress can damage you or your business in the following ways:

If you can effectively deal with your employee's stress problems your organisation will avoid the financial costs of stress leave or costs associated with staff turnover. Also you can ensure that you have healthy, well balanced employees who can bring their best to their work.

Can Executive Coaching help?

Yes it can! Coaching provides an excellent one-to-one approach to tackling stress. Our philosophy at Inspiring Potential is to address the causes of the stress instead of only dealing with the symptoms. We get to the bottom of the problem and help employees to develop new strategies to get clear of stress.

Executive Coaching can help your stressed-out employees in the following ways:

In addition:

Inspiring Potential has helped many employees to successfully cope with their stress related issues. To see a case study, click here.

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Executive Coaching Packages

If you would like to know more about our Executive Coaching packages please select from the options below. We have also prepared a useful document (How do I reduce stress at work?) if you require more immediate tips. These tips however are not meant as a substitute for coaching which is a more personal and powerful response to the problem.

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