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NLP Certified Business Practitioner Course 2013

Format: 10 day NLP training course delivered in 5 weekend modules

When: 7/8 Sept, 12/13 Oct, 2/3 Nov. 30 Nov/1 Dec, 11/12 Jan

Where: Central London

Course Fee: £1,950 + VAT (£2,340.00) It includes all material, lunch and refreshments.

NLP can bring many benefits to all aspects of your life, from personal relationships, achieving health and fitness goals and improving business success. But sometimes this wide application can be problem for people wanting to specifically target work-related issues.

Inspiring Potential now brings you the possibility of applying powerful NLP learnings in the context of your working life through our NLP business courses in London. Our NLP Business Practitioner Training is fully accredited by the American Board of NLP (ABNLP). Participants who complete the programme will obtain certification from this governing body.

What is NLP ?

Some people call it the manual of the brain. NLP helps people to understand their mind, how it works, and how it affects their behaviour. It is a way of thinking based on curiosity, exploration, flexibility and fun. It has great benefits in business and personal development.

NLP provides us with the tools and techniques to model human excellence in the areas of communicating, influencing, goal setting, managing change and understanding the use of effective language. NLP helps you get the results you want.

What does the course cover?

Our NLP business course will cover a comprehensive set of NLP principles and techniques which include the following:

Who should attend?

This NLP training course is aimed at individuals who:

What previous delegates have said...

"NLP has given me the opportunity to understand myself and others around me. It has been the best time of my life. Noel and Marielena complement each other extremely well, are great communicators and make a great team"
Ron Knox, Head of London Sales, Thomas International

"I would absolutely recommend the NLP course, it gave me excellent value personally and professionally. It has given me additional tools in my tool kit for coaching and work. It was an incredible journey"
Karen Galley

"Not only does Inspiring Potential equip you with a toolkit to let you better understand yourself and communicate far better with other people, but also the course is delivered over a period to allow you to soak up the learnings and practice them in a matter that is supportive, safe, encouraging and delightful. You will be transformed"
Tiffany St James - Business Owner

"I am much more aware of my stuff which has been helped me separate it from their stuff in my client sessions. It was great"
Katharine St John-Brooks - Coach

How does the training work?

We send you a multimedia pack before you come on the course which you listen to as preparation for the course. By listening to the CDs in your own time you manage how quickly or slowly you learn but normally the pre-course study will take you about 20 hours.

The key benefit of this is that when you come on the 10-day practitioner course you will then be able to spend five months experiencing and practicing the techniques that you have already learned. In addition, you'll have them as a refresher tool anytime that you want to review NLP

We have split the course over 5 months, so you can build a support network of like-minded people. Also the fact that it is over longer period of time gives you time to incorporate NLP into your personal growth and experience.

The course is very experiential and you will leave confident in your abilities. It will help you create the changes in your work and personal life that you desire.

In addition to being Certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner in a training certified and approved by the ABNLP you will also study subjects above and beyond the minimum standards laid down by the ABNLP for a Practitioner Training.

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