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About Us

Inspiring Potential Ltd is a People Development company, and we focus on the following areas:

We help people develop through executive coaching, team coaching, leadership development, facilitation and bespoke training programmes.

We help people develop through executive coaching, team coaching, leadership development, facilitation and bespoke training programmes.

Inspiring Potential Ltd was founded in 2005, by Marielena Sabatier. She founded Inspiring Potential to inspire, challenge and motivate companies and individuals to achieve their fullest potential. She has over 20 years experience of working in blue chip organisations and as a Coach.

Inspiring Potential is comprised by a team of executive coaches and trainers who have all had frontline corporate experience prior to working in the personal development industry. They therefore have a clear understanding of the needs and issues facing the executives and employees that they work with.

We all share a passion for helping teams and individuals to move beyond their current limitations.

Inspiring Potential operates mainly in London and the UK and it provides a variety of services in the people development arena such as: executive development, leadership development, management training, stress management, team dynamics, improved communication skills, and emotional intelligence.

Are we right for you?

Our clients are:

Successful executives who want to perform to their fullest potential. People who have what it takes technically, but may need some help motivating and inspiring people to follow their lead. Some of them may feel stuck in a particular way of thinking, but they know they can learn and change.  They are courageous to face their fears because they want more out of life and work. They are bright and take the necessary action to make a difference to their organisation and their team.

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