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Not only has Noel helped me increase dramatically my level of self esteem but he has helped me successfully find my true life purpose. I have just received a positive answer for the job of my dreams.

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Executive Coaching Program for Outplacement and Redundancy

"Making the most of adversity - coaching for a new career chapter"

Saying goodbye to loyal staff is not easy. They have given you some of their best years but due to circumstances, your paths must now diverge and the loyal employee must explore a new direction.

Many companies, when faced with this, will incorporate some type of outplacement service as part of the employee's redundancy package. This duty of care gives the departing employee a much greater chance of handling their new circumstances (which often come about quite suddenly) and finding a suitable opportunity for their experience and talents.

Our Executive Coaching program for outplacement and redundancy may be exactly what your colleague(s) require in order to move on. Our unique approach is based on the idea of helping the employee to discover and connect fully with their Life Purpose. This process will help them to find the meaning behind their passions, strengths and values. In addition we will help them to take the necessary action steps to find something new that is meaningful and fulfilling. Part of the coaching work may also be directed at helping them come to terms with the sense of disappointment or failure that many people experience through the redundancy process. Providing them with this type of valuable support can make all the difference to their lives.

What are the benefits?

Your employees will experience the following benefits from their one-to-one coaching experience:

What does this package consist of?

For Executives at this level we recommend a programme of 18 hours of coaching. This can be delivered either as:

  1. 3 X 2hour session per month for 3 months
  2. 2 X 4hour sessions per month for 2 months
  3. A combination of a) and b) over a 3 month period

One of the key benefits of our coaching is that it is intended to fit in flexibly around the schedules of busy people. The above suggestions are therefore not set in stone but we have found that they are suitable for many people that we deal with.

How do we get started?

Step 1

Typically we will set up a meeting with the HR professional or executive who is organising the coaching. We discuss the needs of the person being coached (coachee).

Step 2

We assign a suitable coach to meet with the coachee to explain the how the coaching process works. If there is a rapport and connection between the coach and coachee, we are then able to commence the sessions.


It is important to point out that the actual 'content' of the sessions will remain confidential between the coach and coachee. This is an important 'rule of engagement' to ensure that the coachee can open up as much as possible in the sessions.

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